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Assunta Tavernise

at University of Calabria

Assunta Tavernise is a Contract Professor at University of Calabria and a PhD in Psychology of Programming and Artificial Intelligence. Her research interests concern various scientific topics from an interdisciplinary point of view and comprise the following areas:
- Educational Technology
- Virtual Agents and the expression of Emotions
- Human Computer Interaction
- Edutainment
She has worked in various national and international projects, as “Virtual Museum Net of Magna Graecia” (financed by the ROP 2000 – 2003) (www.virtualmg.net), and ““Connecting European Culture through New Technology - NETConnect” (http://www.netconnect-project.eu/ and http://netconnect-project.eu/index.aspx), promoted by Culture 2000 European Programme.
Some recent publications are:
Pantano E., Tavernise A. (2009), Learning Cultural Heritage through Information and Communication Technologies: a case study. In M. Chang, C. Kuo (eds), Learning Culture and Language through ICTs: Methods for Enhanced Instruction. Chapter VII, IGI Global: Hershey, PA (USA), pp. 103-119.
Bilotta E., Gabriele L., Servidio R., Tavernise A. (2009), Edutainment Robotics as Learning Tool, Transactions on Edutainment, LNCS 5940, pp. 25-35.
Febbraro A., Naccarato G., Pantano E., Tavernise A., Vena S. (2008), The fruition of digital Cultural Heritage in a web community: the plug-in “HERMES”, Proceedings of MCCSIS’08 - IADIS Web Based Communities 2008 Conference, 22 – 27 July 2008, Amsterdam.
Bertacchini P.A., Bilotta E., Pantano P., Battiato S., Cronin M., Di Blasi G., Talarico A., Tavernise A. (2007), Modelling and Animation of Theatrical Greek Masks in an Authoring System. Proceedings of Eurographics Italian Chapter 07, 14 – 16 February, 2007, Trento (Italy), pp. 191-198.

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