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Raewyn Turner

independent artistat Raewyn Turner
New Zealand
Focus area: Body, Self

I'm an interdisciplinary visual artist concerned with cross- sensory perception, working with olfaction, video, live performance and installation. I'm interested in the intertwining of human and technological senses to detect subsensory and unconscious sensory experience and their contribution to emotional meanings. My art-science collaborations include Sensing Nanos 2017-2020 with Harris and Froehlich,  Crossing Wires 2009/2010 with molecular scientist Dr. Richard Newcomb, Plant and Food Research NZ investigating sensing of the human plume, STEEP 2015 with science communicator Maryse de la Giroday (CA). Artists residencies include Alchemy ANAT Australia 1999, Upfront and Personal Banff 2002, SCANZ 2008, 2010, Digital Artist in Residence Waikato University 2004, ReSense 2007 in collaboration with electronics artist Diana Burgoyne Banff Fleck Fellow (CA), Co-Production with the Banff New Media Institute, CEINT Centre for the Environmental Implications of Nanotechnolgy.  2016 Duke University NC, USA, Monell Chemical Senses Center (Fulbright grant) Philadelphia 2011. Member of the GCCR Global Consortium for Chemosensory Research https://gcchemosensr.org/ researching loss of taste and smell as an indication of COVID 19.,  An art and science residency with LAZNIA, Poland Sensoria 2019 — 2023, The NZ and Pacific Islands Liaison for Journey Through the Senses LA 2023.

Journal Articles:
Special Section: Abstracts from the Spectra 2018 Symposium

Abstracts from the Spectra 2018 Symposium Part 3: Nano-Optics

October 2021