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Pier Bertacchini

at University of Calabria

Pier Augusto Bertacchini is full professor of General Psychology at the University of Calabria (Italy). He has been the Director of the Educational Science Department of the University of Calabria and Pro-Rector of the University of Calabria. He has also been the Director of the Interdepartmental Communication Centre of the University of Calabria and the DAMS (Art and Humanities Degree Course) President. He has been the coordinator of national and international research projects, as for example “Virtual Museum Net of Magna Graecia” (financed by the ROP 2000 – 2003) (www.virtualmg.net), and ““Connecting European Culture through New Technology - NETConnect” (http://www.netconnect-project.eu/ and http://netconnect-project.eu/index.aspx), promoted by Culture 2000 European Programme.
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