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Dave Burraston

Dave Burraston AKA Dave Noyze & Bryen Telko is a generative artist/scientist involved in technology and electronic music since the late 70s. He has been involved in many notable projects with world class institutions, such as MIT Media Lab, appearing on both television and radio. In 2002 he built a custom DSP box for Richard D James (Aphex Twin), among other commissions.
Dave had an innovative role in the foremost UK telcoís R&D laboratory in diverse areas such as Artificial Life and Virtual Reality. His PhD thesis developed fundamental new concepts, arising out of generative music practice, to a key problem in complex systems. He is now recognised as a leading practitioner and theorist in the field of generative music, producing both peer reviewed publications and musical compositions. His future work is aimed at tackling more key questions in complex systems from a musical practice-based perspective, drawing inspiration from genetics and microbiology. These key questions address, for example, the definition of randomness and high level descriptions of information processing in complex systems. He is also a reviewer for the Leonardo Journal and on the editorial board of Leonardo Transactions.
Dave maintains his own independent analogue/digital research studio called Noyzelab. He has performed music and video sets around the world at a wide variety of events. He has worked on many collaborative projects with artists and scientists around the world. More details on his research, music, written publications and video work, can be downloaded from his website.

Journal Articles:

Rainwire: Environmental Sonification of Rainfall

June 2012
Special Section: EvoMUSART 2014

Spatiotemporal Ideation Generation with Interactive Evolutionary Design

June 2016