Beverly Kleiber Reiser

Artistat Ylem/ Artists Using Science and Technology
United States

Beverly Reiser has worked with a wide range of light-emitting media, from stained glass to large-scale kinetic neon and glass walls with computer-controlled light sequencing in architectural settings. As personal computers and interactive multimedia emerged, she began using them to continue her exploration of light, color movement, environment and viewer participation. Her work has been commissioned and exhibited in Europe, Canada, the United States and Japan. Reiser was the president of Ylem/Artists Using Science & Technology, and founded, designed and directed Ylem's "Art on the Edge" website ( She produced an interactive multimedia installation for Exploration Place, a children's science museum in Kansas, which takes viewers on a virtual journey through the human circulatory system, lungs and brain. In 2004 Burning Man commissioned her to do an interactive sound and video installation called The Black Hole of Desire, which collected and played back live what people said were their desires.
In 2006 Burning Man commissioned her to do a work called The Hopeand fearometer. She collaborated on video installations for the Interactive TV conference at Yerba Buena Art Center and for Yuri's night at the NASA Center at The Ames Reasearch Center at Moffet Field. Her websites are at: and Ms. Reiser is chair of the Leonardo/ISAST Advisory Board and associate curator of the Lush Life gallery at the Jazz Heritage Center.