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Curtis Bahn

Curtis Bahn is a composer/performer specializing in interactive music and dance performance using gestural controllers. He received his Ph.D. from Princeton University, and was formerly the Technical Director of the Center for Computer Music of CUNY. He has taught at Columbia University, NYU, Princeton and CUNY, and is currently asst. professor in the Integrated Electronic Arts program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (iEAR studios).
Bahn presents his music at venues ranging from small alternative galleries to major international conferences including: ICMC, ISEA, SEAMUS, PSI, the Styrian Autumn Festival, the Warsaw Autumn Festival, Musik Aktuell, the Saalfeldon Jazz Festival, The Somerville Theater, Mobius and Zeitgeist in Boston, the Kitchen, Engine 27, Tonic and Context in N.Y.C. Curtis has just released a solo CD of live-electronic improvisations entitled, "R!g," on the EMF media label, and a CD of his duo "interface," with Dan Trueman, on the new Cycling 74 label.
Curtis has created numerous sensor-based music and dance controllers including the "SBass," a sensor-extended string bass. With Dan Trueman and Perry Cook, he is involved in the development of new forms of sonic display in electro-acoustic chamber music performance using Spherical Speaker Arrays, and Sensor Speaker Arrays (SenSAs). For more information see: http://www.music.princeton.edu/~crb.

Journal Articles:

The Hyperstring Project

June 2001