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Lucie Prod'homme

Electroacoustic and instrumental composition teacherat Conservatoire
Focus area: Music, Musicology

As a composer, adventurer and listening pioneer, Lucie Prod’homme explores sound from the inside out, plays with its energy and probes each and every tiny flutter of sonic matter, impelling us to listen.

Whether approaching stillness or extreme agitation, silence or screams, peacefulness or effervescent turmoil, her primary concern is always the same : to induce an attitude of intense awareness in her listeners, by composing not only what they will hear but also the way in which they will listen - prompting them to do so actively and intently.

From 1996 to 2008, she was a member of the research team at the MIM (Music and Technology research lab) in Marseille, working to create a new tool of musical analysis (temporal semiotic units / TSUs) under research team leader, F. Delalande.

This research program was undertaken in order to address issues raised by composers and teachers regarding reactions to contemporary music in the wider, non-specialized public, as well as difficulties experienced when analysing music for which the standard and traditional criteria of pitch, note length and instrumental timbre have little or no relevance – in particular electroacoustic music.

Following on from her participation in the work and research project on temporal semiotic units, Lucie Prod’homme continues to research all musical subjects that interest her and that she deems necessary. From 2012 to 2016, she worked on a study of silence and different ways of composing it.
Her cycle Leçon du silence  (The Lesson of Silence) was born out of this research.


Journal Articles:
Special Section: Global Crossings: The Cultural Roots of Globalization: The Spirit and Power of Water Project

Music, Colors and Movements of Water

August 2003