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Paulina Borsook

self-employedat stop the spray
United States

AB psycholinguistics/philosophy minor = Berkeley. MFA = Columbia. First published short story nominated for a Pushcart Prize. On the masthead of "Wired" during its first years. Author, "Cyberselfish/a critical romp through the terribly libertarian culture of high-tech". Artist in residence, Stanford, for "My Life as a Ghost". Co-executive director with Praba Pilar
The Hindsight Institute
Ongoing artist-in-residence, Pro Arts, Oakland
Santa Cruz coordinator, StoptheSpray.  Coordinator, Berkeley Hillside Club "NWN" series for works in progress. Judge, Electronic Frontier Pioneer awards, Webbies, and Medinge Group Brands with a Conscience.
Disabled by multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) for decades; permanent moderate traumatic brain injury/gunshot ("My Life as a Ghost"). Chronic pain sufferer for 20+ years; MCS forbids surgery or drugs.
No posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook; no reason to contribute to the fungibility of BigTech's data-mining.
Widely anthologized writing published everywhere from "Leonardo" to the website of Grace Cathedral to "The New York Times".  Old-school archive of writing: paulinaborsook.com