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Elizabeth Day

Boom Gate Gallery/ Deakin Universityat Deakin University
Focus area: Art Theory, Critical Theory

Dr Elizabeth Day is currently writing a PhDXtra at 

Deakin University. She currently has a residency at Carriageworks in Sydney. She is an interdisciplinary artist who is also a curator at the Boom Gate Gallery, Long Bay Correctional Centre. Her research considers the image of ‘the prison on the landscape’ as the delineation of British and Aboriginal law. Invisible Words/invisible Worlds is a project developed with the collaboration of the Department of Physics, Centre for Solar Voltaics at the University of Newcastle NSW. 

Journal Articles:
Special Section: Abstracts from the Spectra 2018 Symposium

Abstracts from the Spectra 2018 Symposium Part 3: Nano-Optics

October 2021