Neora Berger

Neora Berger is the designer and producer of several advanced interfaces for museums and academic and commercial web sites. She is the creator of Ayuni--Telepresence in Nablus, NYSE-VR, a 3D interactive simulation of the trading floor, and MEDEA_EX, an immersive/interactive theatre play performed in the Schiller festival in Mannheim, Germany, and Acco Theatre Festival 2003, Israel. Since then, she has experimented with on-line worlds for remote learning and pro-active projected cave-like installations for large audiences. Berger teaches cyberculture in Tel-Aviv University and virtual reality in Shenkar College of Engineering & Design.
Berger is involved with the open-source movement in Israel and is the organizer of the first two hackers' conferences in Israel . In April 2000, Neora was chosen as one of the 10 most influential people in the Israeli Internet by the Yediot Aharonot newspaper. In the previous millennium, she was a Unix programmer and PC support team leader in DEC Ltd and CDC Ltd for several years, and co-founder /co-developer of SGH, a multiuser games startup in 1994. She is the author of Digital Affair (Hakibutz Hameuchad, 1993), and a journalist, editor and columnist for professional magazines and newspapers.