Narendra Pachkede


Narendra Pachkhede is an independent media artist, theorist, curator, ethnographer, policy analyst, writer, and scholar. A founding member of the Accented Technologies Collective, Canada, Narendra is also a commonwealth fellow. His doctoral research interests are in the realm of the relationship between culture and technology; anthropology and contemporary philosophy of technology; new media practice and theory; mobile paradigm; nationalism, globalization and transnationalism; methodologies and pedagogies in technological arts; and, diasporic, immigrant and exilic cultures and their cinemas. He has been appointed to various national and international advisory boards/committees including Arts Electronica, Heritage Canada, and City University, New York. He has been active as a programmer, curator, and invited speaker at various national and international fora on cinema, culture and technology and new media. Currently he is working on micro cinema, non-linear narrative video games, textile computing, and accented technologies.