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Janet Saad-Cook

Artistat Pracgticing Artist working alone without organization affiliation
United States
Focus area: Art Theory, Critical Theory, Astronomy, Space, Digital Art, New Media, Environmental Art, Eco Art, Land Art, Fine Arts 3D, Optics, Visual Perception, Public Art, Sculpture, Spacial, STEAM, Pedagogy, Education

Janet Saad-Cook combines ancient sun marking techniques with 21st century technology to create solar sculptures that reflect transformational images of sunlight, attuning viewers to the cosmos while revealing glimpses of the grand order of the universe.
Internationally honored for four decades as a pioneer in the field of transdisciplinary art, Saad-Cook uses Astronomy and Physics to capture sunlight and reshape it into brilliant images soaring across walls, evolving and dissolving with the sweeping sunlight.
The changing images evoke a calming sense of connection to the natural world, and to the silent rhythms of the earth and sky.
She draws upon the certainty of the sun’s daily and seasonal return to create hope in our lives, focusing the connection of all humanity through the cycle of the sun.
Janet Saad-Cook