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Richard Rinehart

Directorat Samek Art Museum, Bucknell University
United States
Focus area: Art History, Cultural Practices, Social Practice, Digital Art, New Media, Net Art

Richard Rinehart is Director and Chief Curator of the Samek Art Museum at Bucknell University in the United States. He has served as Digital Media Director & Adjunct Curator at the UC Berkeley Art Museum and as curator at New Langton Arts and for the San Jose Arts Commission. He juried for the Rockefeller Foundation, Rhizome.org, and others. Richard has taught courses on art and new media at UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, the San Francisco Art Institute and elsewhere. He served on the boards of the Berkeley Center for New Media, New Langton Arts, and the Museum Computer Network. He has lead NEA and NEH-funded national research projects on new media, art, preservation, and museums. He has recently published a book with MIT Press on preserving digital culture, co- authored with Jon Ippolito – Re-Collection: Art, New Media, & Social Memory (http://re-collection.net)

Journal Articles:

Site, Non-site, and Website

Special Section: Documentation and Conservation of the Media Arts

The Media Art Notation System: Documenting and Preserving Digital/Media Art

April 2007
Art, New Media, and Social Memory