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Gil Zissu

United Kingdom

Gil is a graphic designer and art director, as well as a bass player. He became interested in technology and visual art early on, and his skills are mostly self-taught, from graphic design and user interface design to animation, 3D design, and music.
Gil was part of an electronic rock group Syndrome. The group developed a live-intelligence performance method which was presented and published in NIME2014. They also released an EP with a tour in 2013.
While moving to London to do his Foundation Diploma in London College of Communication, Gil was part of an interactive performance project called 'Dag is a DJ’, working together with Shaltiel Eloul and Yehiel Hamou. The group performed at Kinetica Art Fair in London in 2014 and Israeli National TV, and their project was published on The Creators Project (VICE).
Today, Gil is part of 42Percent Noir, a group creating innovative live music and visual performances and installations, which combine acoustic piano music and visual art.

Journal Articles:
Artists’ Article

Motion Tracking of a Fish as a Novel Way to Control Electronic Music Performance

June 2016