Donna Cox

Professor, School of Art and Design, Director of eDream Institute and Advanced Visualization Laboratoryat University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
United States

Donna J. Cox has exhibited computer images and animations in more than 120 invitational and juried exhibits over the past 15 years, including shows at the Bronx Museum of Art in New York, Everson Art Museum in NY and Feature in Chicago and SoHo. Her creative works have been exhibited around the world including at Nicograph, "L'Agrifoglio" and Eurographics. Cox has authored many book chapters, articles and monologues on the use of visualization in art and science. She coined the term "Renaissance Teams" in 1986 to describe interdisciplinary groups of experts who collaborate to solve visualization problems. She has appeared on many national television broadcasts as a pioneering artist in technology and her work has been reviewed in national publications such as Time, NY Times and Wall Street Journal. She has won numerous awards such as an Academy Award nomination for her work on "Cosmic Voyage" and first prize Art & Entertainment in Nicograph.