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Irina Aristarkhova

at University of Michigan

Irina Aristarkhova is Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore, where she teaches courses in Cyberculture and Aesthetics of New Media. Dr. Aristarkhova who has published and lectured widely on cyberculture and cyberarts has a range of research interests including issues of aesthetics and technologies of virtual reality; immersive and interactive virtual environments; cyberfeminism; technology and difference; technological embodiments, and contemporary psychoanalytic theory. Since July 2001 Irina Aristarkhova has been developing Cyberarts and Cyberculture Research Initiative - an ambitious Art & Technology research project in South-East Asia. She serves on the International Academic Advisory Board for Leonardo Electronic Almanac and is currently working on a monograph on the aesthetics and technologies of spatial conceptions, provisionally entitled "Matrixial Technologies".

Journal Articles:

The Tyranny of the Possible

February 2005