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Greg Niemeyer

at University of California
United States

Greg Niemeyer studied classics and photography in Switzerland before he came to the U.S.A. in 1992. As an MFA grad student at Stanford University, he founded SUDAC, the Stanford University Digital Art Center. After directing SUDAC for 3 years, Greg became an assistant professor for Digital Media at UC Berkeley. Supported by the prestigious Intel Art and Technology Research Grant, he completed several digital media installations that explore novel experiences with computing. His recent art projects include Organum the Game (2005) and, in collaboration with composer Chris Chafe, Ping (2001), the Oxygen Flute (2002) and Organum the Movie (2003). Niemeyer organizes a series of media conferences on dates when month, day and year have the same number (eg. 050505) and participates in the UC Berkeley Executive Committee for the Center for New Media.

Journal Articles:
Special Section: College Art Association Papers

PING: Poetic Charge and Technical Implementation

August 2005
Special Issue: Pacific Rim New Media Summit Companion

Disentangling the Seams

August 2006