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Alex Wand

Alex Wand is a composer originally from Michigan, and has studied at the U of M School of Music and CalArts with composers Bright Sheng, Michael Fink, Ulrich Krieger, and Wolfgang von Schweinitz. He finds value in learning about non-western music, in particular, North Indian, Eastern European, Spanish, Brazilian and Mexican traditions. He finds value in storytelling, often in the form of a song, or as music for film, animation, and dance. He is interested in the fields of acoustics and just intonation and also finds them to be valuable sources of inspiration. Together with these influences, Alex incorporates an element of folksiness in almost all of his music. He sings and plays guitar, sitar and other various stringed instruments and has been in bands Light in August, Three Thirds, and Our Brother the Native. URL: www.alexwand.com

Journal Articles:

On the Conception and Measure of Consonance

December 2012