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Daniela Kutschat


Daniela Kutschat started working with multimedia and Video Installations and now is developing Imersive and Interactive Multiuser environments. She is an Invited Lecturer at the Universidade de SÑo Paulo, Brazil, where she is presenting a Virtual Reality Environment by August 2001 as result of her PhD Research. 1998 she was a CAiiA-STAR Artist in Residence researching Man Machine Interfaces for a pas-de-trois between a man-machine-environment .Since 1999 she is a co-investigator in the Virtual Reality Project "OP ERA: a multidimensional journey", SÑo Paulo, Brazil. Collaborators are: Rejane Cantoni co-author; Ivani Santana: coreography and dance; Fernando Iazetta: Music; The Integrated Systems Lab (LSI) POLI-USP; Eduardo Phillip, design; Pedro Perez Machado, Technical Support:; Group Palindrome, Germany.

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Invençao 99 são Paulo, Brazil, 1999

June 2000