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Daniela Dr Plewe

Directorat OIE Pte Ltd
Focus area: AI (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Fakes), Digital Art, New Media, Economics, Generative Practices, Generative Art, Linguistics, Science Theory, Philosophy, Writing, Literature, Poetry

Taking the Liberty
Dr. Daniela Alina Plewe
I was always interested in exploring the possible, the potential, the non-existent, or “counterfactual”. How can the free and imaginary inform progress? Organizing possibility spaces started with an inquiry into creativity- a work on brainstorming by machines and directing the creative flow to the pain-reducing solutions we seek (“Muser's Service”, 1994, ZKM).
After that, I became interested in rational spaces, decisions, and how to handle ambivalence. “Ultima Ratio” (ca 1998, ZKM, Ars Electronica, sabonjo.de) is a work using AI decision making algorithms from applying them to a variety of contexts- from Hamlet to other works of literature to news to philosophical ideas like agnosticism. The forces of logic would battle in an argumentation. Coming from Frankfurt, Habermas’s “herrschaftsfreier Raum” (domination-free space) is probably a locus for pure reasoning.
Abstraction as a tool for capturing knowledge and the insufficiencies of our representational means, such as language is subject to an investigation called “General News” based on the linguistic research of computational linguistics (early 1990ties “Satzersatz”/“General News”/”General Arts” 2004, ZKM). Creating possibility spaces and vagueness around semantic meanings aka sentences.
Then, I became interested in Economics; from brainstorming (“Muser’s Service”), to reasoning (“Ultima Ratio”) and the power of logic to the non-pure powers of power and economic standing. I moved to the other side of the world, Singapore, when I started writing a PhD on “Transactional Arts” at the Sorbonne in Paris. The “Exchange of Values and Conversion of Capital” fascinated me for a couple of years (transactional-arts.com). I became intrigued by the world of value-creation, strategy in business, and most of all the ideas of Finance.
Risk Management tools from Finance are effective tools to decrease pains and increase happiness. The allocation of resources and mitigation of risks via financial instruments inspires me for my current work. Double standards applied, meaning those of business and real-world economics, I like to experiment in stealth mode (danielaplewe.com) as a stealth company (to avoid the word start-up), as perhaps a stealth artist, or neither nor. Categorizations aside and a cascade of meta-reflections postponed for later, after some sort of “completion” which does not mean “success” - leading to another discussion. So far all is still a work in progress. Organizing possibility spaces is still on the agenda.
In the meantime, I am open to share and explore thoughts on: entrepreneur and artist, artwork and ventures, creative deal-making, letting people explore their synergies best – financial instruments, their beauty, and powers in organizing possibility spaces and assigning values to them – provocations to a perhaps dogmatic anti-capitalistic subcultural mindsets - the future of capitalism or whatever emerges - how can effective tools be used for the betterment of anybody- themes of “hunger” and ambition in emerging countries- elites and elite knowledge - et cetera.
July 2021
Ultima Ratio Sabonjo.de
Muser’s Service https://www.sabonjo.de/arbeiten/framesete.html
General News and General Arts  http://www.medienkunstnetz.de/works/generalarts/
Satzersatz https://www.sabonjo.de/arbeiten/framesete.html