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Dave Payling

Associate Professorat Staffordshire University
Dave Payling Profile
United Kingdom
Focus area: Computer Graphics, Digital Imaging, Animation

Dave is an audio-visual artist who holds a PhD in composition. His sonification composition, Listen (Awakening) was performed at the Sydney Opera House in 2004. His recent work involves composition for visual music. He is section editor for Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture. 
Dave is an audio-visual artist who originates from Sheffield and now teaches electronic music, audio mastering, sound synthesis and visual music at Staffordshire University. He holds a PhD in Visual Music composition, completed in 2014. His earlier research centred on sonification and auditory display, while recent interests focus on composition using sound and image.
As well as his research outputs Dave also produces mainstream electronic music mostly in the house and techno genres, but infuses this with elements of electric guitar, a skill he picked up when playing in several bands during his formative years in Sheffield. He has a small home studio with a modest set up of hardware synths and sequenced instruments. Most his music is produced ‘in the box’ using DAWs including Ableton Live, Steinberg Nuendo, Logic and Native Instruments Komplete.

Journal Articles:
Articles and Notes

Approaches to Composition in Visual Music: An Artist’s Reflection on Three Original Pieces

December 2019