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Yu-Chuan Tseng

Associate Professorat Shih Hsin University
Focus area: Net Art, , Art History, Illustration, Painting, 2D Forms,

Tseng Yu-chuan obtained her PhD from the Graduate Institute of Applied Art, National Chiao Tung University. She specializes in research on innovation and theory in interactive digital art. Tseng began creating digital artwork in 1998. Starting from 2002, she adopted an interactive online format to produce interactive art. In 2003, Tseng began to ponder the status of the existence of humans in the digital age. Through a series of works, she explored this digital system – built of technology – which brings together the lifestyle, lives, and existence of the masses. In 2003, Tseng’s work was presented in a solo exhibition (“Let’s Make Art”) at the Taipei Museum of Fine Arts. This was the first ever art gallery exhibition in Taiwan to employ instantaneous Web-based interaction. Tseng’s respective works and articles were selected for presentation at the ACM Multimedia International Symposium, ISEA . Leonardo. In 2012, Tseng participated in the Leonardo Digital Art Initiative.

Journal Articles:

Flow—A Flowing Information Interactive Art

February 2009