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Antony Lyons

Independent Artistat NOVA
United Kingdom
Focus area: Cultural Practices, Social Practice

Based in the UK, and working internationally, my creative practice incorporates video/photographic works and site-specific installations. My projects are deep explorations of landscapes, ecologies and nature-culture dynamics. Often working in the contexts of places experiencing significant environmental and social change, my interests lie in activating fresh insights and possibilities. I am drawn to the liminal water settings of rivers and coasts, the shared eco-commons, and to routes and pathways. My projects prompt conversations between insider and outsider perspectives and weave together past, present and future imaginations. I describe my practice as ‘geopoetic’.
With a background in eco/geo-sciences and landscape studies, my creative practice has a hybrid quality, braiding art and science approaches. Concepts of flow and deep-time are central, as is the importance of cross-cultural and intergenerational exchange - fluxes of knowledge, stories, metaphors, dreams. Research and production methods rely on extensive on-the-ground sensing, absorbing and then assembling digital video content, sculptural materials, archives, and other findings. Resulting works can include film-poems and installation spaces, usually developed in the context of artist residency situations. Writings also play a big part. I collaborate with academic researchers, experimenting with transdisciplinary braidings of artistic and more formal research strategies. Co-creation with musicians and poets is a key feature.

Journal Articles:
Special Section of Leonardo Transactions: Lovely Weather


April 2012