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Julie Watkins

at University of Greenwich
United Kingdom
Focus area: Computer Graphics, Digital Imaging, Animation, Experimental Music, Video, Film, Virtual Reality

Julie has particular expertise in creating commercial motion graphics (BBC, Channel 4 and numerous advertising campaigns) experimental films and immersive installations featuring abstract animation. The research has been widely shared through: journal articles in EVA and BST, installations and papers at international conferences such as Seeing Sound, DRHA and SOUND/IMAGE and a solo exhibition at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery in London. Julie's practice-based research explores animation and visual music. She expands on the concept of visual music to include embodied visceral affect and a broader visual arts context underpinning the development of a new expanded visual music. This work contributes to composing and animating visual music in the twenty-first century, re-framing modernist traditions in light of post-modern understandings of subjectivity and affect, leading to new understandings in how animation and visual music are perceived, created and displayed. In her PhD aspiration for a universal language of visual music, via audiovisual synthesis, was evaluated against the premise of expressivity and phenomenological experience. This culminated in a reframing of visual music, freeing it from musical structures, and offering a phenomenological approach to composition that could be particularly apposite for artists, animators and performers.