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Massimo Negrotti

Full Professor of Methodology of Human Sciences, retiredat University of Urbino
Focus area: Computer Music, Electroacoustic Music, Sonification, Cultural Practices, Social Practice, Data Art, Science, Digital Culture, Music, Musicology, Science Theory, Philosophy, Sociology, Systems

Massimo Negrotti, since 1980 Full Professor of Sociology of knowledge at the Universities of Parma and Genoa, has been Director of IMES-LCA (Istituto Metodologico Economico Statistico - Lab for the Culture of the Artificial) at the University of Urbino. His main areas of interest are cybernetics, methodology and the culture of the artificial. Since 1980 he carried out theoretical studies on the relationship between culture and information technologies, and surveys on the AI people  in Europe and in the USA. Since the nineties is working on the socio-cultural and techno-methodological premises and regularities of the artificial, conceived as a general area of research. The most comprehensive study on this subject can be found in The Reality of the Artificial. Nature, Technology and Naturoids, Springer, Berlin, 2012, or, in a shorter version, in On the ‘nature’ of the ‘artificial’. AI & Society (2021). On the above subjects he reported  in several conferences and lectures in Europe, USA and Japan.

Journal Articles:
Theoretical Perspective on the Arts, Sciences and Technology

From the Artificial to the Art: A Short Introduction to a Theory and Its Applications

June 1999
Theoretical Perspectives

Music and Naturoids: The Third Reality

June 2012