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Jess Rowland

Lecturerat Princeton University
New York,
United States
Focus area: Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Neuroaesthetics, Computer Music, Electroacoustic Music, Sonification, Data Art, Science, Experimental Music, Music, Musicology, Sound, Acoustics

Jess Rowland is a sound artist, musician, and composer, former neuroscientist, and a 2018-20 Princeton Arts Fellow. Much of her work explores the relationship between technologies and popular culture, continually aiming to reconcile the world of art and the world of science. At UC Berkeley, she developed techniques for embedded sound and flexible speaker arrays. Her research includes music perception, auditory neurosciences, and music technologies. In addition to an active art practice, she has taught Sound Art at The School of Visual Arts in New York and continues to present her work internationally. Recent installations and performances include the New York Electronic Arts Festival, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Berkeley Art Museum, and Spectrum NYC.

Journal Articles:

Perception as Media: Reconsidering the Arts and Neurotechnology

August 2021

Flexible Audio Speakers for Composition and Art Practice

December 2013