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Live at the Stain Bar by Quartet of Happiness, 2006. DVD, 38:22 min, color. Distributor's web site: 〈www.quartetofhappiness.com

August 2007
Leonardo Reviews

The Angelmakers directed by Astrid Bussink. The Cinema Guild, New York, 2005. DVD, 34 min, color

October 2007
Leonardo Reviews

The Secret Life of Babies, Parts 1 2 by Bernard George. Icarus Films, Brooklyn, NY, 2005. Video, 2 × 43 min, color. Distributor's web site: 〈www.frif.com

February 2008
Leonardo Reviews

Prisoners of Beckett by Michka Saäl, Director. National Film Board of Canada, with Qu4tre par Quatre films. ADR Productions and Arte France, 2005. DVD, 85 min, col. Distributor's website: 〈http://www.nfb.ca

August 2008
Leonardo Reviews

Ephemeral Bodies: Wax Sculpture and the Human Figure edited by Roberta Panzanelli. Getty Publications, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A., 2008. 352 pp., illus. Trade. ISBN: 978-0-89236-877-8

June 2009
Leonardo Reviews

South Side Venus: The Legacy of Margaret Burroughs

April 2020