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Edmund Mooney

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United States
Focus area: Sound, Acoustics, Analog, , Art History, Sculpture, Spacial, STEAM, Pedagogy, Education, Environmental Art, Eco Art, Land Art, , Video, Film, Writing, Literature, Poetry

Edmund Mooney is a mixed media artist with a focus on phenomenological sound and urban history. After a history composing electroacoustic music for all mediums recent works have involved walks, video, prints and recordings exploring the ecological history of post-industrial landscapes, ambient light, video and sound environments and re-animated antique car horns. His work has been presented at The Queens Museum, The Metropolitan Museum, Lincoln Center, DTW and PS 122, among others. He has a BA in music composition from Bennington College and an MFA in studio art from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Artist Statement: Sound and place have always been intrinsically linked for me. My everyday life in the city yields up amazing ambient experiences, some of which I displace, abstract and dramatize in order to create installations. I employ observational tools like sound - mapping, sound - walking and sound and video capture to help me understand complex relationships in the built and natural worlds and help others reconnect with their ambient environment. Urban history is an ongoing obsession and provides much inspiration for creating. The city is a layer cake of 400 years of erasures and my historically based works endeavor to peel away the layers and reconstitute an ecstatic natural past amidst the asphalt.

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Be Here Now, and Then: Urban Ecological History into Art

December 2017