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Michaelle (LadyM) St Vincent

Student/Artistat Central Saint Martin's _ UAL
Author/Artist standing beside her artwork. A brightly coloured silkscreen print of the artists own brain scan
United Kingdom
Focus area: Art Theory, Critical Theory

My artistic career has spanned the decades, from the creation of outlandish leather club wear and bespoke outfits for numerous bands and performers of the 1980’s, performing with Michael Clark and Leigh Bowery, in Mark E. Smith’s “Hey! Luciani”, to more recently appearing in the glass box with Lewis G Burton at the Barge-house (as part of the Platform 6 exhibition supporting the Stonewall Charity), NOA prize winner 2014, exhibiting in the UK and Europe; including the 58th Venice Biennale; and currently studying an MA in Art & Science at Central Saint Martins.
My practice is centred around creating art beyond the visual. Solely, or enhanced, by olfactory elements aiming to stimulate certain psychological responses; as an aid to invoking certain memories and evoking a variety of emotions; ultimately enabling the viewer to engage with the art in a new way.
I have been an olfactivist for over 15 years, during which time I have created numerous different installations and artworks. From blindfolding my audience and transporting them with odours to another place or time, to exhibiting the essence of a suburban street in little boxes of familiar odours.
Rather than merely recreating or replicating smells as samples or map markers, I bring them into the studio as a medium to draw and paint with. Through sculpture, painting, print and the invisible, my practice delivers art that can surprise, intrigue, and even amuse. Whether that be  metal plants exuding the aroma of bubblegum, scratch ‘n’ sniff oil paintings, or scent infused silk screen prints. One of which is a permanent exhibit in the medical art archive at The Gordon Museum of Pathology, London.
My current research; concerning the effect an odour can have on somebodies’ emotional wellbeing; has led to a collaborative, B.S.I. funded project with a team of neuroscientists at Durham University, investigating the possible benefits of certain colour and smell combinations in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative brain dementias. We are in the process of forming a body of work with the intension to present our findings within a care home setting.
Through challenging the conventions of the art gallery, I endeavour to exhibit my work in as many ways as possible, continually developing my delivery systems in order to create many and varied olfactory scenarios.