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Constanza Salazar

Adjunct Assistant Professorat Cornell University
United States
Focus area: Art History

Constanza is an art historian based in New York City. Her work centers on the histories and theories of technology, new media, and art. Through the intersection of art, a history of science and technology, and philosophical inquiry, as well as through the lens of race, gender, and sexuality, she examines how artists rematerialize the body through embodied forms of tactical media that challenge the datafication of bodies, disembodiment, and the mechanization of bodies. Constanza has presented papers internationally on the topics of art, new media, and technology. She has published in Momus, Afterimage, Internet Histories among others, and is currently working on her book project based on her dissertation. She received her Bachelors in Fine Arts and Philosophy at the University of Waterloo in Canada, her Masters in Art History at the University of Guelph in Canada, and her Ph.D. from Cornell University in New York.