| Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Jasmine Ferguson

Artistat University of Western Australia
Pink haired woman looking at the camera, holding a selection of flowering plants
Focus area: Biology

Jasmine Ferguson is an emerging Boorloo-based biological artist. Her work teases at the potentials of plant ecologies, sterile futures, and interspecies symbioses.
With a background in molecular biology and a Masters of Biological Arts with SymbioticA Ferguson’s work is designed to challenge the audience into exploration and reflection by elevating life which is usually only viewed from above.
Biological art has a mind of its own and as an artist the balance of cultivated control and serendipitous discovery is impossible to resist. Ferguson continues to investigate symbiosis of microbiomes and interspecies interplay; can these phenomena be bottled into tissue cultures or is this beyond reckoning?