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Gloria Florez

Artistat Gloria Florez Studio
Focus area: Visual Culture, Visual Studies, Environmental Art, Eco Art, Land Art, Site Specific, Place Making

Colombian/Australian artist Gloria Florez has a BVA and a MFA by research from the University of Sydney and a BVA Honours from the National Art School Sydney. 
Since graduating in 2015, Gloria has participated in numerous group exhibitions and residencies nationally and internationally.
Gloria’s art practice has a continuing interest in the connection between science, conservation and art with reference to sustainability and natural phenomena. 
Since 2019 Gloria has been developing an ongoing collective project in remote and diverse communities that involves working closely with First Nations, children, scientists, artists and writers bringing nature’s power and ephemeral beauty to the centre of our life.





A little over a week has passed since my arrival at the Leonardo@Djerassi Residency. As I began unpacking my eucalyptus forest-like installation, a question that has long intrigued me, even before departing from Australia, continues to resonate in my mind: why and how has the Australian Blue Gum (Eucalyptus Globulus) become so prevalent in California's landscape? Despite its non-native status, this tree species has deeply ingrained itself within the fabric of both California's culture and its physical environment, while also being associated with the ferocity of the state's bushfires.