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Jongkuk Won

Creator, Artistat Hyundai Motor Group's ZER01NE
Korea, Republic of

Jongkuk Won is a new media artist in Korea. He is also known as artist name Unhappy Circuit. His works consist of the convergence of art, science and technology, which take a multidisciplinary perspective based on anthropology, ecology, futurology and cosmology.
The main theme that penetrates his work is an exploration of the unknown. He wants to expand our understanding of ourselves and the world surrounding us through insights gained from exploring the unknown possibilities, and ultimately seeks the next direction for humanity.
His interest in the unknown is now heading beyond the Earth. He is currently working on a project to construct a new interstellar message for communication with extraterrestrial intelligence that may exist somewhere in the universe. This effort is to convert the perspective of humanity looking at ourselves into a gaze from outside the Earth, and to connect the finite life of humans with the vast universe.
He has participated in various exhibitions hosted by art institutions like Hyundai Motor Group's ZER01NE, Asia Culture Center and Arts Council Korea. In addition, his works were selected for Ars Electronica .ART Gallery, SIGGRAPH Asia, and Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art Collection.