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Chloe Crotzer

Administrative Directorat sjDANCEco
United States
Focus area: Biology

Chloe Crotzer (she/her/they/them) is a student of the world. As a traveling philosopher, she is continually in awe and inspired by the great diversity that is this planet - both in culture and humanity, as well as ecology and landscape. With dual B.A. degrees from the University of Colorado Boulder in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and Neuroscience, Chloe has always had a deep rooted curiosity around the brain and how it regulates all of our human experiences. Her personal work and artistic inspiration draws on her roots in biology and the cellular body, and is deeply informed by her spiritual connection to the planet, the cosmos and the elements.
As part of her travels, she is currently engaged in embodying cultural dances, languages and traditions of the Mexica (Aztec lineage) and Yoruba people (West African culture - Colonial lines of Benin and Nigeria).
A current graduate student in the department of Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies, her current research is delving into Integral Ecology, taking a focused look at how different environmental biomes and personal/group movement patterns alter one’s neurochemical field, leading to downstream alterations in physiology which ultimately alter one’s perception of the world. With an overlay in linguistics and cultural histories, she is questioning how we can utilize this knowledge to help build bridges across communities from an understanding of a person’s inner biology, paired with cultural practices, ultimately creating a model for peace discussions with collaborators working at the United Nations.
As an artist/scientist in residence at Djerassi, Chloe is collaborating with Artistic Director Krista DeNio on the NETWORK project. the NETWORK project is looking at the fungal networks that connect trees, acting as a neuronal network which helps trees communicate and resource share. Collaborating with nature as our greatest teacher, Chloe is taking a closer look at how trees interact with our polyvagal nervous system and how these interaction alter our internal landscape. She is also investigating the effects varying ecosystems have on the human body - and how this understanding can help us model different ways of sustainability and stewardship.