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Paulina Sierra

Proffessor at Universidad Iberoamericana / Universidad Anáhuac del Norte
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Focus area: Digital Art, New Media

Born in Mexico, Paulina obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City). Usually involved with the interactive media art/music scene, she started to experiment with software at different multimedia companies in Mexico City. Tired of the bi-dimensionality the screen provided, she decided to experiment with objects, space and the multiplicity of the media where she graduated with honors from the MFA in Digital+Media department at Rhode Island School of Design.
As a former resident of New Orleans, LA, USA for a number of years (under an O1 Visa), today you can find her in Mexico City, teaching in several areas of design in different colleges, freelancing and developing her artistic projects nationally and abroad. Her interests usually evolve around technique or technology, migration (as multicultural discourse), displacement, reconfiguration and resilience within structures; these are issues she tends to explore by the malleability of the digital media, machinery and mechanisms, physical computing, sound, video, sculpture and installations.

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