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Xavier Satorra

Founderat ARTIFICIA / The Visual Suspects
Focus area: AI (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Fakes)

Xavier Satorra has a degree in Communication from Ramon Llull University (Barcelona, 2001). He did an Erasmus exchange program grant in Lisbon (2000/01).
After finishing his studies, he starts working for Telefónica's digital television platform in Madrid. Two years after, he founded the award-winning creative studio The Visual Suspects (2003), coinciding with the co-realization of a self-funded documentary project (¿Sería Buenos Aires?) filmed in Spain and Argentina, which won a national prize for young artists (Injuve, Spain 2006). Since then, he has been alternating corporate works with artistic projects with which he has won international awards as a writer, director and producer. 
His work focuses on digital media and its crossroads with new technologies and narratives. He is interested in the convergence of different creative areas.
In 2019, he founded ARTIFICIA, a platform to democratize artificial intelligence for creative and educational purposes. From an artistic and critical perspective, he explores new possibilities that technology can bring to society.
For years he has been aware of the climatic emergency human beings are causing and the challenges necessary to face the Anthropocene epoch.
His professional career has developed in different countries like São Paulo (Brazil, 2011-2010); London (UK, 2008-2006, 2005); Istanbul (Turkey, 2007, 2006, 2005); Madrid (Spain, 2004-2001) or Argentina (2003).