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DC Spensley

Immersive Worlds Creatorat Coyote Research Group
San Francisco,
United States
Focus area: Analog, Art History, Art Theory, Critical Theory, Augmented Reality, Computer Science, Engineering, Cultural Practices, Social Practice, Dance, Choreography, Design, Digital Art, New Media, Digital Culture, Digital Humanities, Electronics, Experimental Music, Fabrication, Maker Art, Fine Arts 2D, Fine Arts 3D, Games, Game Design, Gaming, Generative Practices, Generative Art, Illustration, Painting, 2D Forms, Net Art, Performance Art, Theater Studies, Sculpture, Spacial, Social Media, Social Networks, Sound, Acoustics, Telepresence, UX, UI Design, Video, Film, Virtual Reality, Visual Culture, Visual Studies, Writing, Literature, Poetry

Artist, writer, technologist, and musician DC Spensley is best known for pioneering art and performance in social virtual worlds that pushes the boundaries of art experience by inventing new ways to use code, theater, and performance to transform simulated space into a more human place.
DC’s work has been exhibited internationally at venues like Ars Electronica, where he received a UNESCO award for virtual architecture, Boston Cyber Arts, Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, ISEA, and many others. 
A graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute and alum of the CADRE Laboratory for New Media in Silicon Valley, Spensley’s work has been written about in the New York Times, Reuters, Fibre Culture Journal, as well as myriad blogs, and academic journals. 
Professional engagements include Principal Illustrator for The Center for Science Education at Space Science Laboratory at UC Berkeley, and NASA, contributing writer for Art21 online, and the Bay Area Arts Journal, and most recently as artistic director for the 2020 Lumen Prize virtual exhibition catalog presented by Leonardo. 
email dc@spensley.com