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Sid Kolpas

Retired professor of mathematics due to illnessat Last institution was Delaware County Community College. Retired due to cancer 2018.
Teaching at Delaware County Community College 2015
Rose Valley PA,
United States
Focus area: Math, Math Theory

48 years teaching J.H.S., H.S., university & community college mat, math history, math anxiety, and computer science. Published over 100 articles & 4 books. Interested in the use of art, ephemera, technology, history, hands on activities, and magic tricks in teaching mathematics. Have taught math anxiety classes. Wrote curriculum for a "Math for life"9th grade, wrote a liberal arta  math  curriculum, translated a 1550 Algebra from Latin to English with uses in the classroom, made use of color in teaching mathematics, created Burbanks's first computer classroom, pioneered the use of calculators in the classroom in the early 1970, use of humor in teaching mathematics. BA and MS in Math, EdD in Math C & I/Cognitive Psychology, Secondary Credential in Math & Spanish, Community College Credential in Math and Computers and related technology. California Community College Professor of the Year 2010., Burbank Teacher of the Year 1992, Glendale College Professor of the Year 2004, Delaware County C.C. Professor 0f the year 2016, Marshall McLuhan Distinguished Teaching Award 1984, NASA/NEWMAST teaching Award 1987, Tandy Technology Scholar 1990-91, Kiwanis Outstanding Educator Award 1985, Glrndale Chamber of Commerce Teaching Award 2005, Burbank Ministerial Teaching Award 1991. I am now retired and in poor health.