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Antonella Mazzoni

UX Researcherat Magnopus
Antonella Mazzoni headshot
New York,
United States
Focus area: Augmented Reality

Antonella is an arts scientist and experiential designer, focusing on cross-disciplinary research at the intersection of entertainment technology, experiential design, human perception, and immersive narrative media techniques.
She holds a BSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Media and Arts Technology from Queen Mary University of London, where she researched ways to augment audiences' cinematic experience.
Her main areas of expertise are Experince Design, Immersive Storytelling + World Building, and HCI - in particular UX, Interaction Design, Cognitive Science, and Behavioral Psychology.
Her research interests are in designing new cross-modal interactions for enhancing media and entertainment experiences, and investigating  the role of narrative practices and storytelling within emerging technologies.
Through her interdisciplinary research she emphasizes the power of using technology to create new engaging experiences and reshape storytelling.
Her acclaimed research work revolved around wearable technology and film studies in which haptic sensations accompanied mood music to enhance the cinematic experience for the audience.
Nowadays Antonella lives between New York and Los Angeles, and she continues to conducts explorations within immersive environments for entertainment, playing around the intersection of real and virtual worlds.