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Hannah Star Rogers

at University of Edinburgh
United States
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Metabolism and Art

August 2023

Art’s Work in the Age of Biotechnology: Shaping Our Genetic Futures

February 2022
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Cheering Artificial Intelligence Leader: Creative Writing and Materializing Design Fiction

Leonardo Reviews

Superhuman: Revolution of the Species Australian Network for Art Technology (ANAT) and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), RMIT Galleries, Melbourne, Australia, 5 November–5 December 2009

October 2010
General Articles

Inseparable Impulses: The Science and Aesthetics of Ernst Haeckel and Charley Harper

October 2013
Leonardo Reviews

Art + Science Now by Stephen Wilson. Thames Hudson, London, U.K., 2010

April 2011
Leonardo Reviews

Picturing Science: Museum Scientists and Imaging Technologies

June 2015
Leonardo Gallery

Scientific Delirium Madness 3.0 Gallery

June 2017
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Top-Rated LABS Abstracts 2017

October 2018