| Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Audre Wirtanen

United States
Focus area: Body, Self, Cultural Practices, Social Practice, STEAM, Pedagogy, Education, Generative Practices, Generative Art, Medicine, Medicine, Physiology, Heath, Systems, Dance, Choreography, Sociology

Hyp-ACCESS is an interdisciplinary, artist-led disability access project that develops multi-field care access for common & neglected Hypermobile conditions from a foundation of People’s Science & Disability Justice. Audre (she, her) and Laura (they, she) are disabled, queer, hypermobile femmes who are pioneering anti-ableist care access practices for people with Hyp+ conditions/disabilities. Our community-centered work traverses accessible artistic movement programming, medical research, care access coordination and advocacy, and the continued development of the only accessible, anti-ableist proprioceptive therapy which is currently under consideration for a NIH clinical trial. We center disabled community members and families, and work with practitioners, clinicians, and institutions in service of care justice. Hyp-ACCESS reveals the interconnectedness of ableism in the performing arts, the research industrial complex, and the medical industrial complex, and is re-imagining community healthcare.