| Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Josephine Sales

Artistat self
A self-portrait of a shadowed figure wearing camouflage surrounded by green foliage and blue sky seen through a pane of fracture
New York, NY,
United States
Focus area: Art Theory, Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory, Disability Studies, Photography, Sculpture, Spacial, Surveillance, Security, Video, Film

Renegotiating the bounds of justice and aesthetics, Josephine Sales's practice attends to disabled social life and its intersectional proliferations. Sales invests in emergent theoretical discourses and material practices of disclosure, consent, and surveillance technologies. Current engagements include a Senior Scholar Fellowship at Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability at San Francisco State University, a talking book library of disability literature at Wendy’s Subway (New York), and stage design for the disability arts dance company Kinetic Light’s upcoming tour, Wired. Sales lives and works in New York City is a San Francisco State University alum and received an MFA in Photography from Milton Avery School of the Arts, Bard College