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Meesh Fradkin

Meesh in black and white with a white background. They are looking to the side, wearing a striped long sleeve shirt, and have big curly hair.
United States
Focus area: Art Theory, Critical Theory, Augmented Reality, Body, Self, Computer Music, Electroacoustic Music, Sonification, Design, Disability Studies, Games, Game Design, Gaming, Music, Musicology, Sociology, Sound, Acoustics, Virtual Reality, Visual Culture, Visual Studies

Meesh is a PhD student in Music (interdisciplinary studies track) at McGill University. Their research works across sound studies, disability justice, and technology and is combined with use of different software and hardware. Meesh is also a researcher at The Input Devices and Music Interaction Laboratory and The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology. 

Headshot image by Image by Jo Imperio.