Evgeniya Timoshenko

Focus area: Net Art

I was born in 1986 in Moscow, now I live in Istanbul.
I am an artistic model and have posed for many famous French photographers.
I am a journalist by training.
I do self-portraits and portraits as artistic photographer, especially with masks.
The photos taken from my series of self-portraits are part of the female nude genre but with an original approach. The themes of the photos and the body itself are very recognizable, eloquent. It is a sensual art of the highest quality.
Media coverage
In 2021 the CORRIDOR ELEPHANT site launched a virtual exhibition of my self-portraits online - January 12 - April 12 (https://www.corridorelephant.com/expositions/eugenia-timoshenko)
My self-portraits are also published on the L’OEIL DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE (2021) website: https://loeildelaphotographie.com/fr/Eugenia%20Timoshenko/
As well as in the twentieth issue of OPENEYE magazine (Paris):
https://openeyelemagazine.fr/openeye-20-fevrier-mars-2021/ (P.124-125)
Interview for the site “Le Littéraire” - http://www.lelitteraire.com/?p=68175
The review “IMAGO” (number 1, 2021) - 4 photos published (P. 20, 58, 60, 70)
Estate Fotografia Siracusa “Thinking the future” (Italy) - 2021