Faezeh Tabatabaeimanesh

United States
Focus area: Biology, Design

I’m Faezeh Tabatabaeimanesh, an interdisciplinary designer based here in Syracuse. my goal is to create new materials that are more sustainable.
I am currently a graduate student in the MFA in Design at Syracuse University’s School of Design. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a Master’s degree in Bionic Architecture. Prior to my studies at SU, I worked in the field of bionic architecture and natural structures modeling. During and subsequent to my studies, I have been engaged in various architectural activities including interior architecture, facade design, furniture design and the fabrication of decorative panels. In my recent work, I have undertaken projects that leverage my graphic design, Immersive design, and Interactive design skills.
As part of my graduate studies, my research is based in the field of bio design which is the practice of using living organisms such as bacteria to create innovative and sustainable materials and products. I explore how this research can be extended to the field of fashion design to work with biomaterials to produce fabrics that adapt to the user and are completely biodegradable.