Cassandra Perry

Silver Spring,
United States

Cassandra J. Perry, aka Caz Killjoy (they/them) is a cripsex agitator, disability activist, educator, writer, storyteller, and general pain-in-the ass who focuses on what makes most people uncomfortable: advocacy and accountability; sex and kink; pain, disability, and illness; death and poverty; accessibility and technological security.

They have been involved with multiple radical leftist and feminist cooperatives, organizing groups, and conferences since 1999. In recent years, their focus has been on accessibility and inclusion, particularly within the sexuality industry. They also advocate for technological rights/ freedom and provide training to those interested in increasing their internet security.

For more than a decade, Caz has assisted as peer support for disabled individuals, a consultant for nonprofits and solopreneurs, and an advocate for individuals in need regarding accessibility, disability awareness, supportive services, health insurance, vocational rehabilitation, economic stability, and diagnostic support.

As a writer and storyteller, Caz began “blogging” in the 1990’s. Using several monikers, they have written extensively about sex and disability. Over the last twenty years, Caz has appeared as an author, interviewee, or performer in multiple media formats relating to disability and/or sexuality. Recently, they have taken to the stage as a ribald storyteller with a focus on medical quest narratives.

Since 2017, Caz has presented workshops and guest lectured to graduate and undergraduate students on subjects including sadomasochism in relation to chronic pain, sex and disability, kink and disability, and disability as a general topic. They have taught about accessibility, poverty, disability, and technology to wide audiences, from activists and organizers to sex workers and tantra practitioners to business-focused professionals.

Caz co-founded the Disability and Sexuality Access Network, an education and advocacy organization for people who are passionate about disability and sex/uality. They are also a founding board member of The Kinder Foundation.

Connect with them at @CazKilljoy and