Tincuta Heinzel

at Loughborough University
United Kingdom


Tincuta Heinzel is an artist, designer and researcher with a background in visual arts, design and cultural anthropology. Her artistic production makes use of electronic textiles, digital and interactive media and engages the ways in which techniques can be diverted in order to bring into the light their potentialities. Her research focuses on the impact of material turn in design and the new forms of industry. She initiated, curated, and / or coordinated several projects, such as “Haptosonics” (Oslo, 2013), “Attempts, Failures, Trials and Errors” (Bergen, Bucharest, 2017-2018) and “Utopian Cities, Programmed Societies” (Victoria, Timisoara, 2019-2020). She has been a Fulbright research fellow at Cornell University and is presently a Senior Lecturer at Loughborough University (UK).