| Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Panteha Abareshi

at UCHILE. University of Chile
Panteha sits, facing to the left of the camera, wearing a beige fabric mask that covers their entire head. From beneath, blonde braids peel through.
Focus area: AI (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Fakes), Analog, Archiving, Conservation, Art Theory, Critical Theory, Body, Self, Critical Race Theory, Digital Art, New Media, Fine Arts 3D, Medicine, Physiology, Heath, Optics, Visual Perception, Performance Art, Theater Studies, Science Theory, Philosophy, Sculpture, Spacial, Sound, Acoustics, Surveillance, Security, Systems, Video, Film, Visual Culture, Visual Studies

I was born in Montreal, Quebec, and spent the later part of my adolescence in Arizona, before moving to Los Angeles. I am a first-generation North-American, and am fluent in Farsi. I began showing my work nationally and internationally at a young age, and achieved my BFA at the University of Southern California. I strive to integrate public engagement and interaction into my practice, holding great value in making the experience and discussion of contemporary art highly accessible - physically, emotionally and intellectually. In parallel to my practice I have an artist book entitled &amp;quot;I Am Inside The Body,&amp;quot; published in the fall of 2020, and as of August 2020, two of my pieces have been acquired by the Special Collections at the Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art, in NYC. In February of 2021, a solo exhibition of my work, entitled TENDER CALAMITIES, opened at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery.&lt;/p&gt;</p>