Stephen Guion

Doctoral candidateat University of Vermont
United States
Focus area: Systems

Throughout my six years of research experience, I have had opportunities to train in various spheres of expertise, all individually providing their own perspective and dimension of qualitative and quantitative analysis. As a graduate student in Germany, my research concentrations included technique development in translational neurotechnology, computational modeling of social group behavior, and research ethics. This intellectual variety allowed me to acquire valuable experience working and learning in collaborative and diverse research environments. Many of my research endeavors dealt with high-risk/high-reward initiatives providing me with the opportunity to manage necessary priorities and optimize for time and accessibility. When I came back to the United States, alongside beginning civil service with the AmeriCorps working with blind and visually impaired youth, I dove into research volunteerism––encouraged further by pandemic-induced societal closures––with various nonprofits performing comprehensive literature review and program development in green chemistry and aquaculture, historical ecology and complex systems, and human-robot interaction and scientific futurism.