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Willard Van De Bogart

International Program coordinatorat Sanskrit studies institute
Playing electronic music with abororigine elder Clifford Coulthard in Iga Warta Ausralia
San Francisco,
United States
Focus area: Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Neuroaesthetics

Willard Van De Bogart received his master degree from the California Institute of the Arts in designing environments using educational technology. At NASA’s Industrial Application Division at the University of Pittsburgh he applied database retrieval search strategies to industry and private companies. In San Francisco, California he was a high speed installation specialist for Whole Earth Networks and over the last thirteen years he has been researching the application of digital technologies for learning at both Rajabaht University and Bangkok University in Thailand. He has lectured at symposia and international conferences on the application of digital technology and his work has been published in international journals. He was recently awarded the DNA professors award for outstanding teaching at Bangkok University.